Hesabgar:distribution networks

Shygun System offers a special solution for managing distribution networks. The solution includes an integrated software suite assisting the financial resources, warehouses, trades, checkbooks, collection/spayments, sales and discounts policy management, agency commission management, online and on-spot order collection by salespersons and all other features needed by the distribution companies. . This exclusive distribution application enables managers to enhance sales rate by applying a variety of discounts to the customers, and adjust commissions and product shipping in vehicles in order to make accurate assessment of the sales team’s performances including salespersons, sales manager, driver and other members of a distribution team. This solution allows taking orders at the customer’s location with a specific sales-person application on portable/mobile devices. This app can be connected to Hesabgar, and update data of the main database online or offline, while running the warm- and cold-call sales operations. Other features of this app include Salesperson Roadmap, restrictions on salespersons, physical inventory checking and report on unused capital losses.