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Established in 1991, Shygun System has been exclusively engaged in developing, accounting software and engineering solutions covering various areas such a financial management, sales and purchase, supply chain, stock and warehouses, payroll, industrial and manufacturing applications. Shygun System has accumulated more than 25 years of research and experience in what the needs of different stakeholders of the enterprises are, fulfilling the requests of businesses and continuously upgrading the products.

Shygun System customers are from every corner of Iran and in the neighboring countries involved in various sectors such as import/export, manufacturing and packaging, distribution, educational, cultural, trade, services, etc. Shygun System has included special features to its software suite, which can be installed on smart phones and assist sales teams in wholesale and retail distribution, direct placement of orders and issuance of invoices at customer’s location. Since the very beginning of establishment, Shygun System has progressed from production of first generation of the products using command line controls all the way to the second-generation production under Windows, the third generation as known as web-based with cloud computing and fully distributed solutions with integrated Web Services in recent years. Shygun System software suite is offered with a dongle, auto-run installation and tutorial videos. The software is easy to install and the users can benefit from our after-sales services.

Shygun System is ranked by the high council of technical affairs in Plan and Budget Organization in Iran and has earned ISO 10004-2012 certificate from ICS Group Certification in Canada. Moreover, it has obtained a permit from Tehran ICT Union Organization, and is a legal member at Iranian Accounting Association and Informatics Society of Iran (ISI). In addition, Shygun System is certified by Tehran ICT Union Organization and is a member of Iranian Accounting Association and Informatics Society of Iran (ISI).

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