Shygun System products such as Hesabgar, have been developed and offered for over 25 years. Our most popular applications such as Hesabgar, Payroll and Asset are implemented using Delphi and on a SQL Server database. Suitable for sales and distribution teams, Pocket Cyber has been implemented using Native-Java in Android platform based on a SQLite database. Cyber Web is implemented using C#.Net based on a SQL Server database. Although users once preferred older versions of our software applications, the modern technology we are constantly adapting bring state-of-the-arts features to our products. In Shygun System we commit ourselves to always build our products backward compatible. The Support department provides services to convert all user’s data from older versions of our product and while users can carry out their day to day task on newer versions.

Shygun System has been continuously upgrading its products according to the latest technologies and new operating systems. Our Client-Server applications can be installed on all versions of 32 and 64-bit Windows.

Shygun System enterprise applications are offered in different versions. By visiting our Download Center, you can get an overview of the products, price list and features of different versions. This page helps you compare the versions and choose the one best fitting your business needs. For more information and consultation on your purchase, feel free calling us on +98-(21) 886-550-21 EXT. 1.

Shygun System users can learn how to operate the software suite by attending the scheduled installation and navigation sessions (the schedule may vary depending on the application purchased). Moreover, the users can attend training sessions held at our office once a week at a specified time. In addition, they can benefit from free telephone troubleshooting service. It is always possible to receive extra support and remote services when arranged through our sales and support departments. Note that your purchase will be secured by a dongle delivered to you, and should be kept in a safe place. For long term support you can decide to either receive on a case-by-case basis, the number of sessions, or according to the time-bound support contracts signed with Shygun System or with any of its sales representatives. Shygun System recommends that users refer to the closest local sales agencies, across our extensive network, to receive better services. You can call us on +98-2188655021 EXT. 2 to receive telephone support service. Support can be provided through in-person meetings, phone call, fax, file exchange or e-mail correspondence. In-person and remote support services may involve additional fees.

Throughout years of offering its applications, Shygun System has continuously been guaranteeing the integrity of its operations. If any logic-related components of the applications fail, we are committed to fix the issue free of charge and provide the user with a new version. All user requests or suggestions for completing the applications will be reviewed.

Shygun System products are offered to customers as several applications, containing a DVD, training materials and a dongle.

Shygun System products have been designed fully parametric to cover a variety of businesses, including

  • Commerce
  • Production plants and various industries
  • Contractors
  • Busy sales zones and shopping malls.
  • Import-export hubs
  • Agency offices and branches
  • Assembling and packaging companies
  • Sales agencies for domestic and foreign products
  • Wholesale and retail distribution companies
  • Financial and management services
  • Consumption cooperatives and housing
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Educational, cultural and research centers
  • Customer service centers and service providers
  • Consulting engineering and construction
  • Internet service providers

If you want to download new build files for your applications, you can sign up on our website or visit one of the agency offices to receive your new file updates.

In case users make new requests on a specific app during their membership, they will be negotiated if necessary in Software Development.