Hesabgar: Business Accounting

Shygun Systems provides an array of solutions suitable for companies engaged in commerce, distribution, services and other activities, which require integrated processes for optimal management of financial accounting, warehousing, trading, check and credit books, accounts payable and receivable. With adopting our solutions, you can not only easily manage orders, supply of goods, import and export, shipping, sales representatives and agencies with multi-currency support system, you can also build desirable communication system among various departments in your company in order to support day to day organizational operations. One distinct feature of this solution is its high flexibility achieved by various configurable parameters. If you have multiple branch offices, Shygun’s web-based solution can help you efficiently send and receive data between branches offline. The performance assessment of your company can be facilitated through several measures, including various accounting reports, volume of sales and purchases, inclusive asset reports, office reports, quarterly trade reports, added-value reports, customers/goods earnings reports and profits gained within different time intervals..