Hesabgar: Stores

Shygun System offers a solution for small businesses with high volume sales needs, stores, supermarkets and any other entities managing their personal finance. By this solution, you can conveniently perform all your required operations such as invoicing, inventory management, sales representative management, collection and payment, checkbooks, etc. without requiring  knowledge of accounting. You enter your daily transactions and the system automatically generates all the necessary accounting documents. Additional capabilities of this solution are direct connection between the program and Point Of Sales (POS) terminals, generation and printing of bar codes, shipping management, assigning sales agencies, etc. By the solution provided to stores, you can add product photos to invoices, and use touchscreen monitors or number keypad to speed up your sales task and enhance the program responsiveness while curtailing the user errors. General accounting reports, volume of sales/purchases, personal account balances, asset reports including quarterly sales reports, value added reports. can help managers more accurately assess their business performances.